Round 2, Game 7: Kilfara vs. Beyma

Allies: Darren Kilfara (Bid: 2.0 POC)

Axis: Richard Beyma


Report by Darren Kilfara

This...was quite extraordinary. On Turn 1, I deployed Ark Royal, Hood, 2 x 336 and 7 x 117 to the Barents.

  • Both 336s failed their speed rolls.

OK, fine - it's not going to be my game. So of course Richard deployed the entire Kriegsmarine to the Barents, whereupon this happened:

  • Ark Royal sank Gneisenau (boxcars) and disabled Scharnhorst.
  • German LBA crippled Hood and disabled Ark Royal.
  • With 8 attack dice left for R1, the British fleet sank Lutzow and Blucher, crippled Scheer and Hipper, and disabled Graf Spee.
  • The Germans responded by sinking Hood and 2 CAs, and also hitting Exeter for 1d.
  • With 5 attack dice left for R2, the British fleet sank both Scheer and Hipper.

So Richard resigned. I've heard of the Royal Navy dismembering the Kriegsmarine on Turn 1 after one 336 failed its SR, and of the Germans failing to control the Barents on Turn 1 after both 336s failed their SRs, but this? Truly surreal.

FINAL GAME RESULT: Allied victory - concession during Turn 1 (Allied lead of 2.0 POC before the bid)

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