Round 3, Game 3: K. Bodenheimer vs. Menzel

Allies: Karl Bodenheimer (Bid: 1.5 POC)

Axis: Ed Menzel


Report by Karl Bodenheimer

T1 – Axis went to NATL, 2 225s failed. Bad Axis rolls left only a 117 Allied sunk to Scharnhorst and Scheer. Axis turned and ran.


T2 – Quiet turn, U-boats sunk Courageous.


T3 – Big Axis win in the Barents was underscored by 3 of 4 U-boats going missing. Allies lost Hood, Ark Royal, 3x117s to Gneisnau and Hipper.


T4 – Another Barents battle. Allies lost POW and a 117 to Axis' Lutzow. But lots of disables and damages gave the Allies the area and allowed the convoy to Russia. Allies gained 5 POC on that turn.


T5 - The battered Axis fleet once more sallied to Barents. Once more Allied disables and more attrition held the area.


T6 - Desperate Axis attacks in Barents and against a Russian in Baltic did not win the day. With just three damaged German ships left, and behind 8.5 POC after the bid, the Allies thought it would be all over.


T7 - But the Axis still fought on. Sending the German fleet to Barents and the Italians to SATL in one final gamble. Axis left with just 2 Italian Cas and the damaged Tirpitz finally call it quits, but confirm their honor until the end.

FINAL GAME RESULT: Axis 10-point victory - Axis lead of 11.5 POC (after the bid) at the end of Turn 4

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