Round 1, Game 10: Gutermuth vs. Jamelli

Allies: Ken Gutermuth (Bid: 1.0 POC)

Axis: Bob Jamelli


Report by Bob Jamelli

Ken conceded on turn 8 after failing three speed rolls to the Barents. At the time the POC was at 5 for the Germans and he had bid 1.5. The Axis had good luck with the U-boats cancelling out VPs; on Turn 3 the Axis sank KGV, DOY, and 3 117s in the Barents with Axis having no losses. The Axis suffered damages but was able to repair. On Turn 7 the Axis lost Bismarck and Graf Zeppelin but held the Barents while Convoy 3C was disabled by the Axis LBA. That is the best recollection I have.

FINAL GAME RESULT: Axis victory - concession during Turn 8 (Axis lead of 6.5 POC after the bid)

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