Round 1, Game 2: Nicholson vs. Jarvinen

Allies: Dennis Nicholson (Bid: 2.0 POC)

Axis: Dick Jarvinen


Report by Dick Jarvinen

Never have I seen such a sad set of die rolls.  Basically, Dennis went 0 for game with his attacks, and called off the fiasco after I sunk his Convoy 1A in the North Atlantic on turn 5.  Not one shot by his ships even dinged a German (or Italian) ship.  The best he could do was sink 2 subs on Turn 5 which was meaningless as I was to get three replacement subs in Turn 6.


The first turn set the tone for the game where I went after the North Sea, and either sunk or disabled all of his non-CV ships on the first round of battle, and he completely whiffed the return fire.  I then paraded out into the South Atlantic on Turn 2 were similar results were seen, with the added bonus of only one German ship failing oiling.


Anyway, it really wasn't much of a game as it was an exercise in what happens when one side can't hit (and I'm talking 100% misses) and the other side can't miss (I must have easily been in the 80%+ range).

FINAL GAME RESULT: Axis victory - concession during Turn 5 (Axis lead of 9.0 POC after the bid)

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