Round 2, Game 1: Greenwood vs. Tow

Allies: Don Greenwood (Bid: 2.0 POC)

Axis: Tim Tow


Report by Tim Tow

Turn 1: Allies go with Barents on 1 and the Axis dodge. Repulse is hit for 1 damage point while Allied air manages a meaningless disable in the Med.


End of Turn 1 score: +1 POC for the Allies.

Turn 1 deployments

Turn 2: Allies go for 3 areas living the North Atlantic open. Subs go to the South Atlantic, where 1 is sunk and the Eagle is disabled. Axis LBA sinks the Ark Royal while the Allies sink Andrea Doria and Pola.


End of Turn 2 score: All square.

Turn 2 deployments

Turn 3: 3 areas again and 4 speed roll failures of 4 British Battleships to the Barents tempts the Axis to sortie. Leaving 1 cruiser in the Baltic, the rest go to the Barents.

Turn 3 deployments

In the ensuing air phase, Axis air cripples the Renown while Allied Air misses. Rd 1 sees the Bismarck taking 3 damage and the Scharnhorst 2 and a disable and the disablement of the Gneisenau. Axis return fire sinks 4 cruisers and the Hood, crippling the Repulse, and disabling 1 cruiser, -2 and disabling the KGV. Allies withdraw in 4 separate groups and the Axis pursue 3 of them sinking Repulse, Renown, but only disabling Formidable.


Allies concede at this point with the exchange ratio drastically in the Axis favor.

T3 after airstrikes (left), R1 combat (middle)

and pursuit (right)

FINAL GAME RESULT: Axis 10-point victory - Allied concession after Turn 3 (Axis lead of 5.0 POC after the bid)

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